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Your business logo

Good business logo designs

Your business logo

Your logo is the beating heart of your brand – give your brand the attention it deserves.

Your logo appears on everything associated with your business – showcasing your services, your products, your history, your business cards and leaflets. For a small business, branding is your opportunity to make a good first impression, starting with your logo. Larger companies have bigger marketing budgets (take a look at how Twitter's logo design has evolved over the years), smaller companies do not always have this luxury so each impression is important, beginning with your logo.

If you currently have a logo, it may not be fulfilling your brand reputation in many ways. Your logo may deliver a negative brand promise; associating no inspiration for consumers:

  • Your logo is outdated: Check out trends that are in for 2019. Does your logo meet these trends?
  • Your logo font is too hard to read: Many logos are mainly letters – the right typeface is crucial for a trendy logo.
  • Your logo colours are not effective: Specific colours trigger specific emotions.
  • Your logo is too complicated: less is more. Sometimes the more that is going on, the harder it is for users to process what you are about.
  • Your logo looks like another logo: you don’t want to be mistaken for another brand and be thought of as a lookalike.

Changing your logo does not always mean undergoing an entire rebrand, sometimes all it takes are a few tweaks to get the perfect logo for you. If your logo has not been updated for some time, it is not a bad idea to get a logo review and see how we can assist you in getting the perfect branding in place. Make it Seen Media can assist with your logo design - find out more about how we carry out brand design for small businesses.

Good business logo designs

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