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If you are a local business in Wolverhampton and are wanting to work with a reputable, forward-thinking, local web design agency, then Make It Seen Media is the perfect choice. We offer full-service web design, search engine optimisation and digital solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in Wolverhampton and the surrounding area.

As an established web design agency, we have partnered with many local businesses who want to make an impact and grow their online brand presence. We are totally dedicated to getting the desired results, and we are proud to have created digital solutions for so many clients, achieving results above and beyond expectations.

Please take a look at some of the stunning websites we have designed and built for our Wolverhampton clients:

Joshua Barard

Website Design, Branding, Print

SB Medics

Website Design, Branding, Print

Go Live Experts

Website Design, Branding, Print

Vogue UK (US)

Website Design & Development

Smithridge Healthcare

Website Design, Branding, Print

4 Forces Security Services

Website Design & Development
website designers wolverhampton

Working hard to help you achieve your goals

Whether you require a simple one page website or a complete redesign of your existing website – our website development team is here to assist. All our web design & online marketing services are carried out to the highest standards and are competitively priced.

Our goal is to design and build a website for your business that effectively:
• Showcases your brand and highlights its core values
• Accurately promotes your product and service offering
• Engages the target audience
• Achieves your business objectives

We offer end-to-end project management, from initial strategy and planning through to continual digital marketing support as and when you need it. Our commitment to you doesn’t end once the website goes live.

We will continue to help you build your online brand presence through search engine optimisation, PPC campaigns, social media campaigns, content creation and much, much more.

What type of websites do we design and build?

Brochure Style Website Design

A brochure style website is a type of website that serves as an online brochure or catalogue for a business.

These types of websites typically have a simple structure, with a few pages that provide information about the company, its products or services, and its contact information.

Ideal for start-ups, sole traders, SMEs
    Static design and limited navigation
      Focus on showcasing the products and/or services
        Eye-catching graphics, images and text
          User friendly content management system
            Website Design Company Wolverhampton

            What’s included in our brochure style website packages?

            Content management
              Mobile and SEO-Friendly build
                Google Analytics integration
                  SSL Certificate
                    Web hosting
                      Dedicated Technical Support
                        Optional Marketing Support

                          Price From:

                          £ 845.00

                          Some common features of a brochure style website include:



                          A visually appealing homepage that provides an overview of the company and its offerings.


                          About Us

                          A page that provides information about the company, its history, and its mission.


                          Products & Services

                          A page that showcases the company's products or services, including descriptions, images, and prices.



                          A page with the company's contact information, such as its physical address, phone number, and email address.

                          Some examples of brochure style web designs by Make it Seen Media

                          Website Design Company Wolverhampton
                          Website Designers in Wolverhampton
                          Website Designers Near Me

                          Ecommerce Website Design

                          An ecommerce website is a type of website that allows businesses to sell products or services directly to consumers online.

                          The goal of an ecommerce website is to provide customers with a seamless and convenient online shopping experience, while also allowing businesses to expand their reach and reach new customers through the power of the internet.

                          Ideal for selling products online
                            User-friendly content management system
                              Provides seamless and convenient shopping experience
                                Small and large product inventories
                                  Integrated payment processing system
                                    ecommerce website design agency

                                    What’s included in our ecommerce website packages?

                                    Unique designs
                                      Easily manage products
                                        One page checkout
                                          Secure payments
                                            Mobile and SEO friendly build
                                              Content management
                                                Google Analytics integration
                                                  Security components
                                                    SSL Certificate
                                                      Web hosting
                                                        Dedicated Technical Support
                                                          Optional Marketing Support

                                                            Price From:

                                                            £ 1,045.00

                                                            Some of the key features of an ecommerce website include:


                                                            Product catalogue

                                                            A database of products available for sale, including detailed descriptions, images, and pricing information.


                                                            Shopping cart

                                                            A virtual shopping cart that allows customers to add items to their order and keep track of their purchases.


                                                            Payment processing

                                                            An integrated payment processing system that allows customers to pay for their purchases using a variety of payment methods, such as credit cards, PayPal, and other online payment services.


                                                            Order management

                                                            A system for managing orders, including tracking and fulfilling orders, processing returns and exchanges, and managing customer accounts.


                                                            Customer service

                                                            A range of customer service tools, including live chat, email support, and phone support, to help customers with questions and concerns.

                                                            Some examples of ecommerce web designs by Make it Seen Media

                                                            Website Design Agency Wolverhampton
                                                            Website Designers in Wolverhampton
                                                            Web Design in Wolverhampton

                                                            What CMS Platforms do we use?

                                                            wordpress web design


                                                            One of the best-known platforms. It started out as a blogging site but has since become a widely used CMS platform and is ideal to use if you have little or no html experience.

                                                            joomla website design


                                                            Joomla has the capacity to manage hundreds of users and the versatility to create pages in multiple languages. It can be configured to adapt to your site settings allowing you to update menus, content and SEO settings.

                                                            shopify website design


                                                            For retailers, Shopify is the go-to ecommerce platform as it makes running an ecommerce site easy to manage. It offers different payment options, customer reviews and product analysis.

                                                            Meet Your Web Design Team

                                                            Make it Seen Media was formed by us - Navdeep and Raakhi, back in 2009. Having both inherited the creative gene and a desire for business success we decided to introduce a digital web design company that offers a complete package to UK based businesses.

                                                            Our skills lie in designing and building innovative online marketing solutions. Today, our skills have the added benefit of valuable experience which help us to create great work with infectious results.

                                                            Why Choose Make it Seen Media?

                                                            We are creative
                                                              We invest
                                                                We are consistent
                                                                  We are friendly
                                                                    We are dedicated
                                                                      We keep it simple

                                                                        Work with us! Your local web design agency in Wolverhampton

                                                                        For more information on how Make It Seen Media can assist with your Wolverhampton website design project, please contact us using our form or call us on 01902 239 010.

                                                                        Website Design Service FAQs

                                                                        Need to know more? Our Website Design FAQs hopefully will help, but if you would like to chat to a human and get a direct answer to your question, then please do call us on 01902 239010.

                                                                        Q – What sort of websites do you build?

                                                                        We design and develop brochure style websites, ecommerce websites, blogs, custom built websites – such as a forum, directory, intranet. In other words – the type of website you need, we can build.

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