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Search is not a media tactic. It is a way of living in this generation – it is the first place people turn to for information about any topic and any brand. Your website search should be integrated into your entire marketing strategy.

Our aim is to drive targeted traffic to your website by improving your online presence and visibility. We use an integrated approach to your SEO so we can leverage multiple tactics to influence your page rankings on the major search engines.

But first let’s get back to basics, so you understand exactly what SEO is and what needs to be done.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation, also known as SEO, is a process of improving and promoting a website on the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) to increase traffic using targeted keywords from the organic sections on a search engines results page. In 2017, 75% of users never scrolled past the first page of Google, so it is obvious with this figure growing regularly, you need to be on the first page of Google. Our aim to rank your website on the first page of these search engines for relevant and targeted keywords.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our SEO Process

We create you a SEO Strategy which shows how we will optimise your website. Your strategy focuses on five key elements:

• Technical infrastructure
• Website content
• Keywords
• Link development
• Social Media best practices.

We ensure that your website has a great user experience with relevant, newsworthy content and then generate online exposure using links to your website from authoritative places. A brand focused social media marketing campaign is also implemented to tie in with your SEO strategy.

Our SEO strategy differ website to website, but each focus on the five elements above and we ensure that we use an analytical approach – using hard data to see where and how we can get results.

What does a SEO Campaign look like?

No two SEO strategies are the same, although they do have the same concept and goal in mind. Depending on budgets and ambitions, strategies can differ immensely, however we have a process that we follow for each strategy:

Business Review

Step 1.

Your Business Review, in detail.

We get a thorough understanding of your business, your brand, your products and services, your target audience, your competitors, your vision for the future and any previous strategies you have had with their results.

Competitor Review and Research

Step 2.

Competitor Review and Research

Mentioned in Step 1 were your competitors; in Step 2 we take this further by looking at your competitor’s websites, their ranking for relevant keywords and why they rank higher or lower than other competitor websites.

User Research

Step 3.

User Research

We look at what Search engine users are typing into search engines to get to websites such as yours, for products and services such as yours.

Website Audit

Step 4.

Website Audit

We check your website thoroughly; each page and its technical infrastructure to see if it is built correctly for search engines and see if there are any areas for improvement including possible enhancements which we can carry out utilising our graphic design and website development capabilities.

Keyword Research

Step 5.

Keyword Research

We will create a list of keywords that will be used to monitor our strategy progress; these keywords will be created by looking through information gained in Stage 1-4 and looking at relevant statistics for your industry.

Onsite Optimisation

Step 6.

Onsite Optimisation

We implement onsite optimisation; this means the techniques required for the actual website. This includes meta data optimisation, alt tag optimisation, implementation of robots.txt, implementation of 301 redirects, sitemap optimisation, correction of any faulty code or errors, creation of any additional SEO specific code deemed necessary, and more.

Content Creation

Step 7.

Content Creation

We will create and consult with you about the creation of updated content for your website as required. Implementation of a blog is one way to get decent amounts of content easily onto your website.

Backlink and Internal Link Analysis

Step 8.

Backlink and Internal Link Analysis

We will analyse and create your backlink profile – this is a list of backlinks to your website from authoritative websites. We will also check your internal links ensuring that priority pages (most popular products or services) have more internal links connecting to them.

Put your business on the map

Step 9.

Put your business on the map, literally

We will ensure that your website is on the Google Business profile listing and ensure it is up to date and optimised.

Maintain SEO Strategy

Step 10.

Maintain your SEO Strategy

Once stages 1-9 have been completed, it is our job to focus the strategy on increasing the website and domain authority; making it a more relevant and targeted website online. We do this through:

• Link Building across the world-wide web
• Creating meaningful and engaging content
• Creating a social campaign by implementing Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube pages as necessary
• Monitoring your website performance, allowing us to make any changes needed to the strategy as we go on.

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