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does my small business need searc engine optimisation

If your business has a website, then quick answer – yes, your business does need SEO. SEO certainly improves a website’s overall visibility and increases awareness.

Here are 7 reasons why your business, regardless of industry of size needs to consider search engine optimisation in your current marketing process:

  1. Consumers are researching before buying

Consumers tend to research the product or service they need before going ahead and buying, so wouldn’t you want to appear in their search results? Increasing your search engine rankings is important to be able to appear for consumers’ questions.

  1. Your competitors are doing SEO

If you search for a key phrase related to your business, e.g. web design in Birmingham, you will see your competitors. These are the companies you need to beat. If you are not undertaking SEO, then your competitors are getting the vital business that you need.

  1. You will get 24/7 promotion

SEO is 24/7 promotion

It does not have any time off. You can increase your traffic all day and night and once you are ranking highly for key phrases the search engines will do the rest of the work.

  1. SEO builds trust

People trust Google and if you are appearing highly in Google people will be happy trust your reputation.

  1. SEO receives 90% more clicks than Pay per click

By investing in SEO, you will get more clicks than your competitors that are using pay per click.

  1. Help your small business compete against larger businesses

SEO is a cheaper alternative to Adwords, allowing smaller businesses to compete against larger businesses with larger marketing budgets.

  1. Optimising your business for mobile searches generates more leads

People use a mobile phone over any other devices to search for what they are looking. Having your website optimised for mobile phones allows you to get more leads and visitors.

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