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What is leaflet advertising?

Leaflets are an effective marketing tool – but they require creativity and commitment. Since we are now in the digital era – leaflets do get overlooked but there are ways to make them work for your business. Leaflets are a way to communicate to your potential customers without giving them a hard sell and allowing them to contact you on their terms.

What are the benefits of leaflet advertising?

Leaflet advertising is one of the low expense forms of marketing, so this works well for small businesses on limited budgets. Along with this, leaflet distribution is quick and cost effective. A business owner could do it themselves, or pay someone minimum amounts to distribute them. Your audience is targeted the way you need it to be – you can distribute your leaflets based on the location of your business and your target audience.

The bills, newspapers, parcels, and other leaflets – this is the other items that your leaflet associates with on the doormat of your potential customer. So how do you create a leaflet that stands out? A leaflet that does not get pushed aside, but instead gets picked up and looked at, see our top tips below.

Leaflet advertising is also essential for extending existing customer databases easily and sending out samples of your products or services – there is no easier way to get a discount code in to your customer’s hands.

Creating the perfect leaflet

  1. Make sure your leaflet has images on it, or even one half of the side of the leaflet has an image. Pictures sell more than texts.
  2. Include special offers or discount vouchers/codes
  3. Include your telephone number and email address for easy contact
  4. Avoid long sentences
  5. Include an attention-grabbing headline – this could be a question such as Does your kitchen need a makeover?
  6. Avoid clutter.
  7. Use your company branding

Does leaflet advertising work?

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