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If you want to create a compelling corporate identity, you need to share your company ethos, deliver excellent customer service, and reinforce your brand image.

When you have a strong and recognisable company image, your marketing campaigns are likely to be more successful as they’re being launched from a solid, familiar foundation.

Share your company goals

The starting point to creating your corporate identity is to define your business. What is it about you that stands out from your competitors? If you can share your company goals and ethos on your website and in your social media messages, your customers will gain a better understanding of who you are.

If your aim is to design the most stylish clothing or install the best kitchens, you should shout about it. Case studies and client testimonials will help to reinforce your credentials and build your reputation in your field.

Set high customer service standards

To keep customers coming back, you need to deliver a great service as well as a great product. This means making sure your website offers a fast and engaging user experience.

You should also have clear contact details, such as email addresses and phone numbers. By adding live chat or a chatbot to your website, you’ll offer another point of engagement to your customers.

It pays to get interactive with potential customers, and chatbots offer a more user-friendly way to provide an extra level of service. Most consumers now feel comfortable communicating in this manner and find it an unpressurised way to ask questions.

Create an eye-catching themed design

Design is often the first thing consumers associate with your corporate identity – so it has a big part to play. Your company logo says a lot about your image.

If you’re in a sector that caters to a young, relaxed audience, your logo should be colourful and offbeat. However, if you’re in a more serious sector, such as financial services, you might want a logo that’s a stylised version of your name to convey gravitas and integrity.

When you’ve decided on your logo, colours, and font, it’s important to be consistent to reinforce your brand. Make sure you use the same imagery on your website, in your social media, and all your communications online and in print.

Deliver strong and consistent marketing

Once you’ve created your corporate identity, you can go on to build brand loyalty. The best way to do this is through your marketing.

A multi-channel marketing approach works well. By combining online and offline marketing, you’ll reach a wider audience. All your communications, whether direct mailshots, email campaigns, SEO or Pay Per Click advertising, should imprint your name and image into the consciousness of your customers.

The more frequently consumers see your brand imagery, the more they’ll be able to quickly identify your products and services. This reinforced messaging builds familiarity and trust, which will place you higher in customers’ minds than less visible competitors.

If a consumer is already familiar with your branding, it gives you a head start when you launch a marketing campaign, as they’re more likely to respond favourably to a new product or offering.

Strengthen your corporate identity and increase brand loyalty

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top tips to create your corporate identity and build brand loyalty

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