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Is your website up to the challenge of handling increased user engagement?

In a competitive marketplace, it’s essential to capitalise on seasonal boosts such as

Black Friday, Christmas, and the New Year sales. This means optimising your website so that you increase your engagement with every visitor.

Have you created a sense of urgency?

Seasonal promotions are just that – offers that are available for a limited time period. There are several ways you can encourage visitors to your website to take advantage of these time-sensitive offers.

‘Sale Ends’ countdown timers are great for visually emphasising that customers will lose out if they don’t take action now.

Prominent buttons, eye-catching sales banners and seasonal designs will also reinforce the message that users must act soon. If your website looks as it normally does throughout the year, you’ve missed the opportunity to convey a sense of occasion and urgency to your visitor.

You need to be big and bold if you want to drive users to a particular page of your website. And it’s essential to have prominent calls to action on every page.

Can your website cope with large volumes of traffic?

To make the most of these seasonal peaks, you might want to consider boosting your website’s performance. If your site is slow to respond, your visitors aren’t going to stick around.

Simple adjustments, such as image optimisation, will help to prevent your website from slowing up.

If you have a high-traffic site that receives traffic from multiple locations, especially worldwide, a Content Delivery Network (CDNs) can help. A CDN is a geographically distributed group of servers that join forces to ensure speedy delivery of internet content. The network can manage large volumes of traffic, so users continue to have a good experience even when demand is high.

Are you happy with your website host?

If you feel your website host is not up to the task of handling high demand, you should consider switching.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a website host.

  • Where are their servers hosted? Do they have a UK-based data centre?
  • Is the account a shared host? One account can host multiple websites and the section that is allocated to you can be shared with other clients too. This will usually slow down your website, if the other websites on the same allocation are driving a lot of traffic.
  • Nowadays, all hosts usually give high bandwidth numbers, but things such as NVMe Storage, CPU and memory are more important.

Can you offer support to your users?

During periods of high demand, it can be a challenge to offer immediate support to your visitors. But chatbots offer a constant digital response and can handle multiple engagements.

Chatbots have become a common part of the digital experience and provide an interactive way of gaining information rather than a static FAQ page.

If you know the questions your visitors are likely to ask, you can give them the answers they want in a friendly way. As a result, your conversion rates will rise.

Do you want to increase engagement on your website?

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