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When creating your website design, we always recommend that you have a blog – having a blog gives your website the advantages of expert content, search engine ranking and a professional look and feel.

There are plenty of blogs out there, all wanting the world’s attention so it is crucial that you stand out from the crowd. The key points that make a successful blog are it being creative, fun and clever.

So how do you go about starting your own blog on your website?

  1. Pick a blogging platform. There are so many of these out there at the moment, from Wordpress to Squarespace. You can give these a try and see how they suit your IT level, however if you need help then you can always use a website design company such as Make It Seen Media to assist you.
  2. Decide on your blogs content. Look at inspiration and competitors, write down ideas for your blog’s content – what sort of topics do you want to raise and where is your knowledge at for these topics? Always have titles for blog posts written down and go through each of these to ensure that you have enough content strategy.
  3. Your blog should look simple. It is about the words after all. Do not make it colourful and do not use more than three different fonts. Use a larger size for the blog title and a general size for the content of the blog. Blogs should be easy to read. Pictures say a thousand words so of course add pictures but do not overwhelm a reader.
  4. White space. White space is so effective at making text stand out and keeping a user’s attention.
  5. Make your blog responsive and mobile friendly. As we know, mobiles are the biggest usage of the internet at the moment so ensure that your blog works well on different screen types. Responsive web design is a prerequisite for any respectable blog.
  6. So… your blog is set up and you are regularly adding content, but what is the point of a blog if you get no visitors to it. It is important to promote your blog – set up social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest – promote your blog articles and images on these websites to spread awareness of your website and blog online.

Step by step video - starting a blog

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