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When trying to get results for search engine optimisation, people often concentrate on the writing on their website and forget to think about their images. Using images strategically on your website is very important for SEO and they can help boost your website’s ranking with some simple steps:

strategic use of images for seo
  1. Name your image using descriptive keywords – it may be easier to keep your image name set as default, e.g. Waterbottle1.jpg, however labelling it using keywords specific for your website is crucial for your ranking as search engines check your images, not just your writing, so label your image accordingly, e.g. glass-blue-water-bottle.jpg
  2. Use alt tags – if you oversee updating your website make sure you add an alt tag for each of your images. Search engines such as Google like to see alt tags. If your website images do not show up properly, the alt tag is displayed, so it is vital to have it in place for user friendliness. Your alt tags should include keywords and be kept short and to the point.
  3. Do not have big file sizes – big images cause delays in your website loading, which turns people away from your website. A good rule for your images are to keep them below 60kb.
  4. Use jpegs – keep your images in jpeg format as they retain quality even at a smaller size.
  5. Use the best images – the best images are the ones that you take – they are unique. Make sure your images are relevant to your text. Your images will help you fit in your keywords on to a page without looking and sounding boring and repetitive.

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