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Why do you need SEO Copywriting?

Let’s play a game. Type in to Google a keyphrase related to your business, e.g. Web Design Wolverhampton and see if you are on the first page, specifically in entries 1-5 on the first page. If you are not, click through to page 2,3 or even worse 4 and see if you show up there. If you are not showing up on the first page, is there any point in you showing up at all? No. It is time you started setting your sights on the top of page 1 and SEO Copywriting is a fantastic place to start.

  1. Words sell

We know a picture says a thousand words, but very often users want to know exactly what these words are to convince them whether they should part with their money. Great copywriting will help your users to complete a transaction on your ecommerce website or send you an email asking about how your services can help them. A slick looking website is important, great visuals that appeal to all are important, but copywriting is just as important.

  1. To answer a question

The main purpose of Google is to answer a question – who, what, when, where, why, how? If your website has information packed with answers to these questions, it will allow your users to understand how relevant your business is. E.g. Why do I need a website? Where is the best web design company in Wolverhampton?

  1. Rank highly for your keywords

SEO Copywriting allows you to rank higher for keywords and phrases related to your business, e.g. Web Design Telford. The more your copywriting accurately includes these keywords, the more you will ultimately rank for.

  1. To get return visitors

If you are writing quality content on your website, especially in the form of a blog, you will see visitors return to see what is new on your blog. Being an expert in your field is something that can be portrayed in your blog. Writing for engagement is a big factor to consider when it comes to SEO copywriting.

How to write to sell

A great way to focus your writing on your website is to use the Inverted Pyramid method. The inverted pyramid method is all about presenting the most important information about your subject first.

Start by adding value for your users by showing you are going to answer a question – What, Where, Why, Who, When, How. Follow on with the important details, e.g. answering the question. Then finish by giving general information and call to action details for your user to contact you to get more help.


What to do next?

SEO is a big field and requires many tools and techniques to be incorporated to allow a website to rank highly. SEO copywriting is one factor that helps tremendously. If you are good with words and have the time then place this into your marketing strategy, if you require assistance with this then call us today to improve user experience and build a more successful website.

For more information on how we can assist you with your SEO Copywriting call us today on 01902 239010. We have helped businesses with Website Design and SEO in Wolverhampton, Website Design and SEO in Walsall, Website Design and SEO in Birmingham and Website Design and Seo in Telford.

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