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Evolving website design

Web design and graphics are forever evolving, not only to meet web audiences’ needs but also to meet the technological requirements in the digital world. Unless you are a web designer, keeping on top of these changing trends can be a nightmare, but if you do have an idea of what is in style then you are able to point your website in the right direction.

The top website design trends

Being a designer requires thinking out of the box and making all graphics and an entire website relevant to match the current trends. For 2019, we envisage these trends to be the following:

  • Chaotic Designs – a splash of vibrant colours, crazy patterns and abstract images are on the rise. These immediately grab attention and stop the audience in their tracks to find out more about what the purpose of the design is.
  • Metallics – technological devices are being more able to display metallic colours effectively so metallic elements will be on the rise in 2019 either in the form of text or images.
  • Text over photos – this has made a big impact in 2018 and will continue to do so in 2019. Having simply an image speaks a thousand words, but now there is a trend that you can write the exact words you want your audience to understand about the image in question. There are many free applications online for users to create photos that have text over images.
  • Hand drawn illustrations – although photography is extremely special and an important component of any website, there is a rising trend already in 2018 of hand drawn illustrations. These give a personal and talented feel that many businesses wish to portray to their potential customers.
  • Minimalistic designs – simple and straightforward is what the majority of internet users are seeking when they are looking for a specific service or product. Websites that contain too much clutter are hard to read and have a high bounce rate (people leaving the website too quickly), however minimalistic designs allow users to carefully and efficiently read through the information and understand the message conveyed.
  • 2019 will see a lot of the current trends move forward, with the main priority being that a website is simple yet very interactive. Solid typography and the use of the above trends will allow your website to flourish in 2019

The top 5 website design trends video

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