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what is location based seo

Location based Search Engine Optimisation is a technique that many businesses incorporate into their marketing strategy. In simple terms, it lets you reach customers based on your location. Now we are in 2020, it is crucial that your business is ranking on search engines for your service in the location you wish to target. It is one of the ways that you can stay ahead of your competition.

So why is it important?

When you are searching for a holiday in New York, you will search Google for ‘holiday in new york’, when you are searching for a plumber in Shropshire you will search Google for ‘plumbers in Shropshire and when you are searching for a web design company in Telford you will search Google for ‘web design telford’. This is undoubtedly good for businesses that are ranking high as you will click through to go on their websites to see if they can help you with your holiday, plumbing requirements or website design services.

If you are a business that serves only one geographical area, location based SEO is important to help more people in your area find you. If you are based in or provide services for multiple locations, location based SEO will help you to compete with businesses in all your locations, e.g. Make it Seen Media are based in Wolverhampton but also provide web design in Birmingham and web design in Telford.

Location based SEO is so crucial for businesses in 2020 because of the rise of mobile searches. Over half of searches are performed using a mobile device. You want your business to be on top when these searches are made. Even if searches are made without locations, it is ideal to rank on top for a location so users know how close you are to them.

One of the ways to ensure that your business is optimised for location based SEO is to use Google My Business, this tells Google where your business is.

Of course, location based SEO is not as simple as that, there are many factors that need to be taken into account and many techniques that are applied to a business website to allow it to rank higher. Some things that you can ensure are done yourself are:

  1. Make sure your website footer has your name, address and phone number in it - this must be concise and accurate.
  2. Create pages on your website for locations you serve - e.g. web design Telford.
  3. Use citations – include your business details on directories. There are hundreds of different citation websites, the more you grow your web presence. Some of these include: Yell, CheckaTrade, Houzz,FreeIndex.
  4. Ask for reviews – Google reviews are taken very seriously and the more you show that you are liked, the more Google will like you.

All of these items above and more link together and provide you with a higher chance of ranking for your location in Google in 2020. For more information and detail on how you can get success with location based SEO please contact us today.

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