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Local and national website design companies

Choosing a web design company can seem like an exhausting task, however it does not need to be. You want your website to be modern, professional and lead invoking, so for this to be possible you would like and need a web design company that can work with you to make your ideas into a reality.

Before you begin to contact local (or national if that if you feel you have the scope for that) web design companies, it is a good idea to outline your needs within your own business. This will make the website goal clear in your mind and give an idea of size and complexity of it.

Timescale and availability

Next, have a look at your timescale and your availability. When would you prefer the website to be set up for? Do you have a launch date? How much time do you have to meet with your chosen web design company and how much input do you want in terms of design and development? Initial meeting, design meeting, reviews, approval meeting and gathering content are just some of the face to face meetings you may require. Also, have a look at which members of your staff will be in charge of different aspects of the web design process – will there be one project manager who communicates with the web design company or will there be different team members throughout the process?

As mentioned above, have a think about how local you would like your chosen web design company to be. There can be a huge delay when waiting for approvals and feedback days at a time, so it can be a huge benefit to have someone local so you can pop in and see them as necessary.


Now you have a simple plan of your website and your requirements, it is time to look at different web design companies. Contact several companies and ask to meet so you can go through your requirements and find about more about their process. The main things you need to get a feel for are:

  • Their portfolio – how many websites have they created? Is there a range of different designs? Are their designs that you like?
  • The design and development – who carries out the design and the technical aspects of the website? Would you like to in contact with these people and is this possible?
  • What is the web design company’s process – how do they go from initial meeting to final launch? Is there a window for revisions if the design is not accurate the first-time round?
  • Content – Do you want them to write your content and is this something they provide?
  • Timescale – does their timescale meet with yours?
  • Cost – a big one, how much is the website project and how many instalments can this be split in to?
  • Website Maintenance – once the website is launched, how can you look after the website and update it yourself? Is this something that the company provide?
  • Search Engine Optimisation – Does the company understand SEO and will they make your website search engine friendly? Your website needs to be structured and coded accurately for it to be search engine friendly. Will your web design company be able to provide you with a SEO strategy and carry out a SEO plan if that is what you would what your business requires.
  • Domain and Hosting – Will the company set these things up for you, and will you have complete ownership of them?

It is a good idea to be informed before you meet with selected web design companies, ask around for references and ask as many questions as you can to ensure that the company understand web design, development and your project in detail

Selecting the right website design company

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