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If you’ve moved away from print media marketing, it may be time to think again. Printed material reaches potential customers in ways that digital marketing can’t.

According to Top Media Advertising, combining print and digital ads makes online campaigns 400% more effective. 1

Studies have shown that there’s still a place for print media in successful marketing campaigns.

The power of print

The reason tangible printed material is so effective is because it generates a strong connection with potential customers. It’s a physical item that can be handled and read at leisure.

A printed item can stay in someone’s home or office for a very long time and is repeatedly picked up. And it can’t be instantly deleted like an email.

Print media enables businesses to deliver a more tactile message that, in turn, gives substance to their words.

Deliver a longer message

Readers tend to scan web pages, but given a printed brochure, they’ll read it like a book. This gives businesses the opportunity to impart more information.

Successful printed promotional material includes blocks of easy-to-read text interspersed with eye-catching images. Bullet points and short paragraphs will get the message across more effectively than long reams of text.

While the copy may be divided into small, digestible sections, you can still use a brochure to deliver a longer message about your company.

A printed brochure will give you the venue to:

• Explain your company’s history or ethos.
• Detail your core offerings and their benefits.
• Show off your knowledge and experience.
• Share your success stories.

The trick is to decide what your key takeaway is – and then make sure you deliver information in a way that leads to your ultimate conclusion or call to action.

Effective ways to use print media

Printed promotional material is an excellent way to raise your company profile. It’s a versatile tool that can have multiple functions, including:

• A posted item in a direct mail campaign to a targeted mailing list.
• A visual aid to assist your sales team who can refer to the printed item and then leave it with their customers.
• As a pick-up from a countertop or reception display.
• As a handout at events or in retail stores.

A physical printed item creates a long-lasting reminder of your company or brand.

Combine print and digital

Combining print and digital will reinforce your company image in the minds of your potential customers.

This can be done by using consistent brand graphics and logos on your printed material and on your website and social media pages.

If you’ve produced a print brochure, you can easily turn it into an online digital brochure. The digital version can be shared on social media, viewed online, or downloaded as a PDF.

Essentially, by combining digital and print, you’re reaching a much wider audience. Some customers will only read on their laptop or smartphone. But you’re also capturing that sector of the market that prefers to read text on a real page.

Choose the right print media

Print media covers a wide range of products, such as brochures, leaflets, booklets, catalogues, newsletters, posters, billboards ads and banners.

By including one or more of these items in a strategic marketing campaign, you’ll see much higher levels of engagement than you would from digital alone.

Make print media work for you

Make it Seen offers design and print services that will reinforce your online brand identity.

We can design and print business cards, promotional items, leaflets, booklets, brochures, catalogues, newsletters, envelopes, letterheads, compliment slips, NCR Sets, posters, banner stands, PVC banners, billboard displays, vehicle livery and much more.

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1 Top Media Advertising -

using print media effectively

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